Trail run #2 – a visual aggregation / what SPACES could look like

a SPACES post

Below are two mock-ups of what the final portraits might look like with titles, relevant information and the textured photographic detail of floor and sky/ceiling attached. All elements are equally important in this project.

The individual infuses each space with personal account, memory, body and the politics of all of those things situated in that space. The space itself, to varying degrees, will emit its own politics based on past story, symbolism and relevance. The image to the right, as a conglomeration of ground and sky/ceiling acts as a visceral surface and container for all story and sound that comes between it.

I name each photographic square with the ‘poetic’ title “a tile for building, A patch for quilting…”; an additional metaphor representing a small piece of a larger whole.

Audio interviews will be attached…


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