private spaces – les slesnick

I found Les Slesnick’s work while on a web search for new photographers. All images are quietly framed; still spaces from private homes their occupants out for the day, or still people proudly posed and focused on the task at hand – capturing themselves as perfectly as possible in their space.

All images pay homage to a place, a space, its occupant and the wider community via connection to other photographs in each series. On his projects pages Slesnick documents two communities in Kansas and one in Florida. His description of these projects frames each community, through vivid descriptions of landmarks and important identifiers to the community at large and also through statistics and history. Each of the community’s were highly involved during the documentary and presentation process, with individuals receiving ‘gift’ copies of their own images at opening exhibitions where the community gathered to see final selected images. Other projects, on his gallery pages, document communities and spaces in Mexico, Cuba, U.K., Italy, Columbia and the US.

Some of the images below are a bit pixelated, even for web display. Try to imagine them with incredibly fine grain. Most of Slesnick’s photos are taken with film and printed on the highest quality paper so in the exhibitions themselves they would look 100 times sharper.

Taken from The Salina Project

Taken from The Dunedin Project

Taken from The Dunedin Project

Taken from Mexico series - title - The Wedding Party

Taken from the U.K./Italy series - title - Nathan and Harvey


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