a place you wish you were…but you’re not (audio piece)

I have just completed a half hour audio piece composed of a range of collected sound from my brief time in Cameroon. I imagine this work being exhibited in quite night time city spaces (e.g. parks, neighbourhoods sitting on the outskirts of the city, nearby hills, desolate parking lots, under bridges by highways). One lone light would sit above device playing the sound-scape (boom box and desk lamp collaboration). I would like to bring this piece back to Cameroon; looped in the quite night spaces of Yaounde.

Dominant collaborating voice in this work is Em’kal Eyongakpa (Cameroonian media artist. He runs artist centre Khaliland, in Yaounde)

TITLE of PIECE: a place you wish you were…but you’re not
MY IDEAS / CONCEPT around work: An intimate telling of experience from a predominantly unfamiliar place / country. Ownership of the intensely personal narrative as a way to speak to its complex and nuanced politics.



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