The Shape of Sound

Myself, my camera and a pack of poets are about to embark upon a creative project involving LOUD gestures in public spaces….

The imagery within below photograph does not reference the project BUT the layering technique employed will be used and is referenced in the proposal.

Below the image is the proposal explaining process and concept.

TENTATIVE TITLE: The Shape of Sound

Layering technique for project. Poet will be performing in top image. Bottom image will be the chosen public space without the poet.

Through photography, I would like to re-imagine poetic performance as accessible beyond its predictable venues, re-positioning the poetic body and word.

I will work with a number of Cape Town poets positioning and photographing them in unpredictable performance spaces. Using photography I would like to capture the mouths of speaking poets alongside a photograph of them performing in a public space we choose together. The photographs would be presented with a printed copy of their chosen poem. The material of this printed document should reflect the preciousness of those words spoken and projected – from the intimate gesture to the public pronouncement. The poem would be embedded and textured in a watercolour type paper and then suspended from the ceiling and grounded to the floor with thread.

The photograph of each poet would be transparently layered on top of another larger photograph of the chosen space – absent the poet. Through these produced images I would like to make clear that this project is not a documentation but rather a fantastical re-imagining of ‘what could be’ and an acknowledgment of the body’s ‘call out’ as it moves through public spaces.

Through this re-imagining of bodies in space I would like to capture a visceral expression of gesture and sound. I hope to trigger a critical analysis of how self and systemic structure successfully frame where bodies and identities are allowed to and expected to initiate creative practice. I also hope that this analysis can extend to what is seen as a ‘proper’ body or ‘proper’ behaviour in any given context.


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