the studio / within process / towards the feeling of The Shape of Sound

The very brief history of this blog has seen it gradually swing its focus; from promotion of one specific project and commentary on photography and its process to a studio of sorts. Change is something I find I often clambour for – new topics, new venues, new situations – and so it has been distinctly reflected here.
As an artist I now find myself shaping this space into an online studio as a physical studio, at this point, is not available. Although I am an incredibly solitary individual – that physical alliance with other artists and physical exchange is something I am attempting, in my own difficult way, to find.
For now this blog, as sometimes studio, sustains my desire to publicly reach out and talk to my own art and art process. I see process as one of the most interesting things about any artist.
Below I have posted a photographic animation that would be included as part of a larger work entitled The Shape of Sound. The jarring sound track is an incredibly important aspect composed of three elements; the ambient sound of the space, the breaths found between the words of the performing poet as well as a few excerpts from the poem scattered throughout.
I am attempting to project a sense of the bodies intentions, thoughts and screams being actively silenced. By withholding most of the poem I hope focus will be directed towards the bodies gesture. I would like to reflect an enquiry into how the body is then framed, judged and only allowed to exist in particular spaces dependent upon whose body it is and how categories flatten out particular existences.
The poems themselves would be included within the larger work, but in a different format – printed on paper and suspended. One of the poems can be found a few posts below this one.

Test The Shape Sound from Erin Bosenberg on Vimeo.


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