Speeches From A White Cube – Ana

Ana Pather performs her Speech From A White Cube.

The next few entries of thiscityspace will include pieces I have written as ‘imagined’ speeches taking place within an imagined artist walkabout. Each work is inspired by or based upon one of my  research interviews looking at how intimacy within the artist walkabout translates itself and affects narratives we build around artworks and artists.

Ana was one of my interviewee’s and is an painter and ‘art-goer’.

Ana_Pather-3 Ana_Pather-2 Ana_Pather-1


I want you to be my superstar
bold, raw and unedited
like a furious writer
stained with metaphor
knee deep in your material
your medium is a mere extension of the body
this is where wonder conflates into imagination
I could flip your story through these pictures
I could pour it in paint
hand it back to you
laced with our conversation
made for this day and no other
tell me something I haven’t heard before
so that I can do the same
I want to laugh while I sink into this miracle
art that traces its own frame
art that can pull you into its own space
while your body and bone edges it into form
process is where I stretch myself
so that beauty may extend a landscape never explored
beauty can sit without your intervention
with its glass box to keep its shape
No it never needed your disection
it was its own fucking thing
with cracks in every edge of it
with fuschia and turquois waves
beauty became its own fucking thing


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