Speeches From A White Cube – Shayna



I am here to learn
what you have torn into pieces under your tongue is unnecessary
speak to me through your languid location
I wish to feel invited
not to learn about one obsession
I want to hear all of it
I want it peeled off its walls and stretched out on this floor
your fingers should wrap warm
over every page
while they remember
the dance you once did
cracking bone glides paint to meet with pen
and this is how you once did it
now I can imagine
when my body can bend towards yours
like eyes that gaze into fire
I can imagine

I have no time for your lucid free-written thought
save it for your lover
who may have more appropriate ways
to ask for a translation
this day is on offer to your audience
our power is subtle
but we will influence you
so speak in conversation
and not in circles woven through steel

an artist can be kind
it is possible
I have seen it
they can make you move with them

there is no charity in allowing laughter in front of art
it is the most serious thing
when walls are cracked open
and my ignorance can change into story

I will ask the question that nobody would dare to
these walls are no holier than my speech
and your ears now depend on these voices
that sway towards art
like sailboats through a narrow canal
we are weak magnets together
holding on with the ends of fingertips
hoping for our stories
to have recognition in all that is foreign
I wish for you to answer my question
in speech that is honest
art is made for this


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