Speeches From A White Cube – Usha


I have counted the days through each action
I have carved out a shape
that will tell me of my pattern
and in another light its edges appear as steps printed in sand
declaring an expanse of water
I still look in wonder for my fall
this is my obsession

the grace of everyday gesture
must be marked by the glory of a hanging broom
or the will of two irons to rest into art
to flatten down seems

sometimes I am spiritually bereft
but most often I am found
you, my audience have complicated this story
have made it a bigger mountain to climb
with snow shaped from life’s evidence
and an academic tongue
the critics said you couldn’t learn this
they said you wouldn’t know “art”
because your age and position is beyond it education
I know better
I will navigate the grass worn path
that all minds can step into
I will find you there
and you will teach me what I didn’t know before
you will smooth down my doubt
and show me why art is worth this

in open air I will make my next sculpture
it will be a domestic story
not so constitutional
but epic in its proportion and value
ink will stain its contours
polish will allow it to gleen
and soap will keep it clean

another monument to return to
I will have to visit it often
come back to this obsession
like a moth in prayer
to declare it resonant
if dust builds up a wall
your fingers will walk through it
rubbing to its bone
to find a reflection


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